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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

John McCain Promises Sheriffs' Group He Will Appoint Federal Judges With A "Proven Commitment To Judicial Restraint". That GLADDENS My Heart.

Read more here, and check out the excerpt below (oh, by the way, IGNORE the demagoguery):

U.S. Sen. John McCain told a national group of sheriffs meeting today that if elected president, he will appoint federal judges who have a “proven commitment to judicial restraint” and won’t make laws from the bench.

“They will be the kind of judges who believe in giving everyone in a criminal court their due – justice for the guilty and the innocent, compassion for the victims, and respect for the men and women of law enforcement,” McCain said during a 22-minute speech at the National Sheriffs Association convention at the downtown Marriott hotel in Indianapolis.

McCain criticized a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a Louisiana law that allowed the death penalty in the case of violent child rapes. In a split decision, the justices said capital punishment should be reserved only for murder cases.

“They substituted their judgment for that of the people of Louisiana, their legislators, their governor, the trial judge, the jury, the appellate judge, and the other four members of the U.S. Supreme Court,” McCain said. “It’s a peculiar kind of moral evolution that disregards the democratic process, and inures solely to the benefit of child rapists.”

He called the decision jarring but warned that it is “exactly the kind of opinion we could expect” if Democratic Sen. Barack Obama is elected president.

But Obama has criticized the court’s decision as well, saying it is wrong to apply a blanket prohibition on the death penalty where states want to impose it.

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