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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Join McCain's Campaign In Cyber Space.

Dear Supporters,

Our Campaign is proud to announce Generation08 and the brand new social network at, McCainSpace.


Generation08 is a group of young Americans supporting John McCain who are working to help the campaign and also to inspire others, just as they have been inspired, by John McCain's call to "Serve a Cause Greater Than Self Interest." We currently have youth organizers in all 50 states - please email, to get in touch with an organizer near you.


McCainSpace is a powerful new social networking tool to help you connect with other supporters. It is also a great way to stay in contact with the campaign to let us know all the important work you are doing in the field and what we can do to help.

Sign up today and:
o Create your personal profile page and tell everyone why you are supporting John McCain.
o Visit your states message board or group and meet up with other supporters in your area.
o Upload videos and pictures of the work you are doing in the field.
o Friend and Message other members, video blog, and receive insider video updates from top campaign leadership.
o Add McCainSpace features to your own blog, webpage, or Facebook and MySpace page
o Invite your friends to join

A Special Bonus

Once you sign up on McCainSpace, we want to hear from you! We are asking all of our supporters to submit a video telling us why you are supporting John McCain. The winning video submission will be chosen to take part in a special campaign project. Stay tuned for more details.

You can submit your video right from your webcam or produce your own and simply upload the file. Please submit all videos into the "Why I support John McCain" group in McCainSpace.

The deadline for submission is September 5th.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

We also wanted to introduce a new Project Management Application on Facebook called, McCain: Get Involved. By using this tool you can organize meetings, create tasks for other John McCain supporters to complete, organize a group to volunteer in your community, plan sign waving days and get your friends to become fans of John McCain on Facebook.

McCain Nation
Organize National Convention Watch Party using McCain Nation on John McCain Nation is a powerful grassroots tool that brings John McCain supporters together. Use the tools to find events near you or host your own event!

"A Cause Greater Than"
Visit our "A Cause Greater Than" webpage on John
o Find a cause to volunteer with in your community
o Use our McCain Nation tool or the new Facebook application, McCain: Get Involved, to organize a group of your friends to help as well.

We hope you enjoy using these tools and hope they help your efforts to lead our campaign to victory in November. Thanks again for all your hard work!


The McCain Team



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